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Thank you guys so much for 500 followers since this blogs creation only a couple weeks ago! I really appreciate all the support and I hope that I get to interact with many more of you in the future!!

In order to celebrate i’ve decided to do a giveaway.

                                        ~*THE PRIZE*~

             (only one because I have exams coming up /o/)

  • 1 fully coloured image by me, with up to three characters (you can choose if you want the image painted or cellshaded). Alternatively, if you want something else (headshots, icons, w/e) you can discuss it with me post winning!
  • a feature on the sidebar of my blog for 1 month!
  • my undying love and affection
  • zed’s booty

kind of a lame prize but zed-mun is tight on time, ahahaha.

                                   ~* HOW 2 ENTER*~

Like or reblog this post! 1 like = 1 entry, 1 reblog = 1 entry, for a total of 2 entries! All current 500 (and 5) followers automatically get an additional entry. I have screencapped my current list of followers! However, new followers post the giveaway’s creation are still welcome to enter by reblogging or liking this post. On the 1st of September I will use a random number generator to generate a winner!

                                    ~* THE RULES *~

  • No giveaway blogs! I will only select a winner who is actually following this blog.
  • I am comfortable drawing pretty much anything, but explicit/R18 styled work will not be available for the winner of the giveaway. Pin-up, romantic poses, (tasteful) nudity ok, just not explicit porn.
  • If you attempt to guilt trip me or otherwise convince me to give the prize to you or a friend you will automatically be disqualified (ʘ‿ʘ)
  • You cannot enter for another person (i.e if you win, you can’t ‘give’  the prize to someone else). This is to discourage people cheating by ‘entering’ multiple times.
  • Please be patient for me when awaiting your prize, I will try and get it done ASAP but as always school + work have to take priority over casual art!
  •  If you win you MUST have your askbox open. If I cannot contact you within 24 hours, I will select another winner. I will however, announce the winner on my blog, so If you contact me through an ask that is also ok.

if there are any questions, please feel free to send me an ask. I will be tagging anything relevant to this giveaway with ‘giveaway post’ ! //

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…Sleepy mun is sleepy.

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How does Soraka and Warwick even work...?
- Anonymous

i’ve literally gotten so much shit for that ship. i knew i should have kept it quiet

Hey this is a completely random question lacking any basis for it what So ever, but are you depressed? I have a LOT of depressed friends and if you are, I'm here for you! And sorry if I send you a lot of weird ass shit, I just really like your blog!

Uh… No. I’m not depressed. 

Sometimes I get sad, and that’s it. 8< 

it’s no problem, sooo. 

Morde Mun: I don't care who you do--
Lulu Mun: WHO you do?
Morde Mun: Yes, who you do. You could go fuck a pie.
Janna Mun: FUCK A PIE?!
Lulu Mun: I mean you put your dick in it---
6, 2, and 1? //picking random numbers//

1. What is you middle name? 
2. How old are you? 
6. What’s your lucky number? 

Suzann, 17, aaaand 15! c:

- Anonymous


  1. Lulu/Veigar
  2. Morde/Janna
  3. Rumble/Tristana
  4. Thresh/Ahri
  5. Soraka/Warwick
37 and 87

37. Favorite swear word?

87. Do you keep a journal?


also i used to and i used to talk about ‘boyfriends’ i had on club penguin LMAO

can you answer all of the questions 1-100