Pleased to meet you!~

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*dumps Tulips on you*
- Anonymous

Lulu shrieks, shriveling up under the pile of flowers, until someone removes them.

What happens if you look a tulip in the eye? does it make you turn into something?
- Anonymous

"NOOOONONONONO" lulu shrieked, cowering in fear. "I DONT WANNA THINK ABOUT IT"


//Disco Thresh.

My eyes hurt now…

Out of Spells: I'm not even gonna ask what the hell is up with that anon.

(( many things are wrong with anons these days. ;A; my blog is sfwwwww ))

"Contrary to popular belief, this actually does NOT taste purple!"

M!A Lulu gets to be human for a week. Unfortunately all of her clothing looks like it's out of a cheesy action Hentai manga. Skimpy with a side of rediculous
- Anonymous

How about no?
Jeez I got my hopes up seeing an ask in my inbox, but then it was this. ))

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Lulu’s reaction for all these rainbow wigs.

"So… Many… Colorssss.."

Be careful, she might latch onto some heads and nibble on the Afros

Will lulu mun asleep next period? Let’s find out.